Prof. Ralph Estes

Ralph Estes, DBA, CPA

Emeritus Professor of Accounting, The American University
Co-founder and Vice President, Center for Advancement of Public Policy
Emeritus Trustee, The Institute for Policy Studies

Fight the Corpocracy, Take Back Democracy

Toolbox to empower the #occupy activist

It's time to occupy corporate America. Rein in the corporate system. Undo the corpocracy. Restore real democracy.

We are the people. We're the 99%. It's our country, not theirs.

Fight the Corpocracy, Take Back Democracy is a strategy guide and toolkit, a Swiss Army knife for the 99% activist. Here's what it provides:

• Demonstration that, while corporations were historically created to serve the public interest, today's extravagant abuses stem from a deep perversion of that original purpose

• A new social contract, The Corporate Covenant, to return corporations to their original public purpose

• The Sunshine Standards for Corporate Reporting to Stakeholders, the disclosure we need and demand from corporations

• A model local ordinance and model campus resolution requiring corporate compliance with The Sunshine Standards

• The proposed Constitutional amendment that says corporations are not persons under the U.S. Constitution

• Op-eds that can be modified and used locally; just add your name (I wrote 'em, I can give them away)

• The Primer on Corporations so they can't snow you with jargon and doubletalk

From Ralph Nader's Foreword:
    This book is for anybody who is tired of being a nobody when it comes to helping reassert the sovereignty of the people over the current sovereignty of giant corporations.

A million-dollar value for 99 cents! (That's for the 99% - for the 1% it's $10,000, and be sure to send an audited Dun & Bradstreet report.)

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